The Wheel – A Symbol for our new European Province

The Wheel is a symbol of the Trinity, of Community, and also of our new CPS European Province.  During morning prayer on 6 May 2018, Sr. Sarto Stürmer CPS shared her “Wheel Meditation” to begin the historic day celebrating the Inauguration of our new CPS European Province and the Installation of our new EU Province Leadership Team.

Wheel Meditation

Symbol for our new European Province:

Our Const. nr. 702 says: “Our structures support us in our shared mission, foster unity and bind us together as Sisters irrespective of nationalities and cultures.”

Axis = Hl. Trinity
Hub = Provincial Team
Outer rim of the wheel = work and apostolates of the Sisters
Spokes = individual Sister: co-responsible for the connection between apostolate and leadership. Each spoke is important; none may be missing. If the wheel remains turning, the load is never on one spoke alone. The load is shared. It may also be consoling for the hub – the leadership: though on one side is pressure from cares and problems, on the other side are the many that encourage, support and help to carry. To keep a wheel moving, the hub has in its middle a round opening for the axis. Without this opening, the wheel does not function; the opening is the triune God. He is the centre of all, he guides and directs all, also our future as a European Province.

We connect with a wheel the thought of quick movement, the urgency of our call. Jesus says to his disciples:

Go to all the nations and make people to my disciples; baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
And teach them everything which I have commanded you. Be assured: I am with you always even unto the end of the world.

As we embrace the Synodal Journey from 2021 to 2023, let us invite the Holy Spirit to be at work in us so that we may be a community and a people of grace.