St. Joseph . . . through the eyes of Abbot Francis Pfanner

saint joseph revArtist: Sr. Pientia Selhorst, CPSJOSEPH THE RIGHT1 MAN - 19 March 1885
Prior Francis Pfanner of Mariannhill
19 March 1885

Fecit me Deus Dominum
universae domus ejus...
pro salute vestramisit me
Deus ante vos in Aegyptum.

The ways of divine providence can best be seen in the life of Joseph of Egypt. After he had made himself known to his brothers, he made it clear to them how Providence had provided by telling them: "God has made me master of His entire house; for your benefit He sent me before you into Egypt." The same may be said of St. Joseph: 1. God set him over the Holy Family. 2. He placed him among non-believers.


1. Joseph, the Provider
If God made St. Joseph the master of his household, we must not imagine that he was a ruler like Joseph of Egypt, but a gentle householder who was more concerned with his God-given responsibilities than his rights. He considered it his duty to feed and clothe his holy foster son and his mother and to give them shelter.

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A New Culture: A Culture of Encounter Capable of Transcending our Differences and Divisions


Lord, Father of our human family,
you created all human beings equal in dignity:
pour forth into our hearts a fraternal spirit
and inspire in us a dream of renewed encounter,
dialogue, justice and peace.
Move us to create healthier societies
and a more dignified world,
a world without hunger, poverty, violence and war.

May our hearts be open
to all the peoples and nations of the earth.
May we recognize the goodness and beauty
that you have sown in each of us,
and thus forge bonds of unity, common projects,
and shared dreams. Amen.



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Feast of the Precious Blood - 1 July 2020

"Redemisti nos, Domine, in sanguine tuo... You have redeemed us, o Lord, with your Blood."

We, the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, honour in a special way the Blood of Christ, through which he redeemed ALL people, from every tribe and tongue, people and nation. (Revelation 5:9-10)   Inspired by our Founder, Abbot Francis Pfanner, join us in praying and singing his daily prayer:

O you Saints of Almighty God

obtain for me the grace I need,

this I ask through the Precious Blood

of my Redeemer Jesus Christ.

          • Always to do the will of God, to be united to God I pray.   Refrain
          • To do everything for the love of God, to think of nothing but of God I pray.  Refrain
          • To seek in all things the glory of God, to realize my own nothingness I pray.  Refrain
          • To keep a spirit of recollection,  to recognize better the will of God.  Refrain

Daily Prayer of Abbot Francis Pfanner (1825-1909)

Music & Video by Sr. Jackline Mwaka, CPS (East African Province) 

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Happy Mother Paula and Father Founder Day!

We give you thanks, God our Father, for Abbot Francis Pfanner and Mother Paula Emunds.  May the holiness of their lives inspire us to serve You and work for Your honor and glory.  Bless all of us that we may faithfully and joyfully continue the work which they began.  All for and with God!  Father Founder and Mother Paula, pray for us!

"Deep down in my soul I feel that we have lost our Founder, our Father… Oh, how profound and painful this loss is to me…This strong and noble soul never for one moment gave in to natural weakness.  He was and remained a Trappist until the end… relishing those episodes in his eventful life when Divine Providence had led him in unknown ways and quite often in spite of himself.  At such times, he said, he could rest assured to have fulfilled God’s will." 

                     -- Mother Paula Emunds on the Death of Abbot Francis Pfanner

mother paula

Mother Paula Emunds, Co-Foundress

8 January 1865 - 21 May 1948


               VALIANT WOMAN

1.   A valiant woman strong and true,
in all things sought God’s will;
left home and all she knew and loved,
to dare the utmost for God.

2.   Christ’s Precious Blood, her priceless treasure,
was shed for one and for all;
no sacrifice too much to render
to make God’s great love known.

3.   God is my Father, I’m God’s child,
rest safely in God’s love;
our God is good and truly good
is everything God does.

4.    In loving union with our God,
and faithful in little things;
Paula Emunds made her life
a constant worship of God.

Text: Marian Maskulak, cps
Tune: Land of Rest: meter: 86 86

Sung by: CPS Generalate - 20 May 2020, Rome, Italy


Abbot Francis Pfanner, Father Founder

21 September 1825 - 24 May 1909


               DAILY SEEKING

1.   Full of love for God and neighbor Francis Pfanner sought God’s way.
Daily seeking only God’s will he continued come what may.
Fully trusting, never doubting, full of faith in God alone,
thus he ran the race before him so to reach th’eternal home.

2.   Set on fire to spread the Gospel prayer and work filled all his days.
Holding fast through pain and struggle he relied upon God’s grace.
Zeal for mission knew no bound’ries, all God’s people must be served,
this apostle to the Zulus wanted all to hear God’s Word.

3.   As we gather round God’s table sharing life and breaking bread,
Francis Pfanner would remind us Precious Blood for us was shed.
Called to live the Paschal Myst’ry, love God’s people far and near,
in our living, in our actions may our witness stand out clear.

Text: Marian Maskulak, cps
Tune: Beach Spring; meter: 87 87 D

Sung by: CPS North American Province - May 2009, Toronto, Canada


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