Celebrating Abbot Francis Pfanner’s 110th Death Anniversary

Many celebrations were held around the world to honour Abbot Francis Pfanner who died on 24 May 1909.  In Rome, we Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood celebrated with joy and pride our Father Founder’s 110th Death Anniversary on 25 May 2019, together with our brothers, the Missionaries of Mariannhill.

Why does Mariannhill make us family?  We do not just passively come together every year to celebrate a ritual memorial.  It is the mysterious founding gift of our ancestral memory – the missionary Charism of the founder of Mariannhill — that makes us brothers and sisters.  – Sr. Monica Mary Ncube, CPS

The Indisputable Founder of Mariannhill – Reflection by Sr. Monica Mary Ncube, CPS

As we embrace the Synodal Journey from 2021 to 2023, let us invite the Holy Spirit to be at work in us so that we may be a community and a people of grace.