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SI IngeborgSuperior General
Sr. Ingeborg Müller
It is unusual and providential, that although our Founder was from Austria and the first five women came from Germany, we were founded on African soil, in 1885 in South Africa.

From our early beginning, the education and promotion of women and children, especially girls, have been a priority for us. Equally important is the formation of Christian families.  We are also involved in health care and with marginalised people.  

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General Chapter 2017

GCh Logo date

A tent ... 

... is a meeting place; a place of encounter with God and one another,

... is a shelter, but a tent is also open and allows us to see the wonder of the stars and feel the spirit of the wind on the face,

... breaks down rigid barriers,

... needs firm pegs that can hold it so that it is not blown away easily.

Living in a tent calls for trust and risk, sharing and interdependence.  

May the Spirit of the Lord be our guide to understand more clearly God’s plans for our personal lives, for our Congregation and for the world.  May God help us to have a deep trust in his providence and a total commitment to our mission, the very reason for our existence.

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 Mission at the heart of the Christian faith 
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Once again this year, World Mission Day gathers us around the person of Jesus, “the very first and greatest evangelizer” (Paul VI, Evangelii Nuntiandi, 7), who continually sends us forth to proclaim the Gospel of the love of God the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit. This Day invites us to reflect anew on the mission at the heart of the Christian faith. The Church is missionary by nature; otherwise, she would no longer be the Church of Christ, but one group among many others that soon end up serving their purpose and passing away. So it is important to ask ourselves certain questions about our Christian identity and our responsibility as believers in a world marked by confusion, disappointment and frustration, and torn by numerous fratricidal wars that unjustly target the innocent. What is the basis of our mission? What is the heart of our mission? What are the essential approaches we need to take in carrying out our mission?.......

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Easter 2017 - Rejoice!

pope francisRejoice! Hidden within your life is a seed of resurrection, an offer of life ready to be awakened.
That is what this night calls us to proclaim: the heartbeat of the Risen Lord. Christ is alive! That is what quickened the pace of Mary Magdalene and the other Mary. That is what made them return in haste to tell the news (Mt 28:8). That is what made them lay aside their mournful gait and sad looks. They returned to the city to meet up with the others.
Now that, like the two women, we have visited the tomb, I ask you to go back with them to the city. Let us all retrace our steps and change the look on our faces. Let us go back with them to tell the news...

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Procurators and Provincials' Meeting in Neuenbeken, Germany

Prokuratorinnentreffen März 2017 640x480On 13 -24 March 2017, the Procurators and Provincial/Regional Superiors of Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, North America and Korea gathered at the Franz-Pfanner-Haus in Neuenbeken, Germany. The workshop was led by Sr. Franziscus-Maria Möller, Procurator General, with the theme of “St. Joseph, our Patron”.

Among the topics they covered were budgeting, middle and long term planning in aging Provinces, lay people in administration, legal and financial situations in our Provinces, and the Handbook for Procurators and Provincials. The meeting was appreciated by all and each participant had her own eye-opener during this time.

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Message of Pope Francis 


Commitment to mission is not something added on to the Christian life as a kind of decoration, but is instead an essential element of faith itself.  What does it mean to be a missionary of the Gospel?  Who gives us the strength and courage to preach? What is the evangelical basis and inspiration of mission?